What’s It All About?

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What exactly is Huh…? To start, it’s an incredibly intense story. One should never laugh while watching Huh…?. If any of us, here at Huh Headquarters, get wind that people laughed at our show, even if it’s just a small giggle, these offenders will be tracked down and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Now that that disclaimer is over, Huh…? follows the misadventures of Eleanor (Ellie) Andrews, a back-room travel abroad translator. With the help of her assistant Maxwell and her best friend Julie, Ellie tours American travelers across Spanish-speaking countries. Her parents, Jim and Paula, offer her unconventional advice. Recently, Ellie was hired by Derramado Los Frijoles, the Mexican, bean-producing, multi-national conglomerate, to conduct negotiations with the US government. There’s apparently some big deal going down with US trades in beans. Or something like that. Will Ellie effectively translate between DLF and the States? Stay tuned to find out.

Meet the Characters

You know you want to...

Eleanor (Ellie) Andrews (27):

Ellen Page

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In short, Eleanor is a mess. She graduated from college smack dab in the middle (after all, she tried exceptionally hard to do the least amount of work possible). A white South African adopted by black American parents (they might have been looking to adopt a similarly black child), Eleanor loves reminding anyone who will listen that she’s African. She runs a back-room travel agency when she’s not serving coffee at Coppee. She “speaks” Spanish and specializes in touring clients through Spanish-speaking countries. She’s a grade-A schmoozer and “never” gets a translation wrong. Although she loves to skate through life, Eleanor gives whenever it doesn’t overly complicate her life (or make her walk more than five feet out of her way). Her friends, especially Julie, know her to be fiercely loyal, surprisingly intelligent, and incredibly generous.  Derramado Los Frijoles hires her as a translator for an immensely important negotiation with the United States government.

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Julie (27):

Gina Rodriguez

As Eleanor’s hispanic best friend, Julie assists in Ellie’s Spanish endeavors. Raised by two Venezuelan immigrants, Julie knows how to get sh** done. She works hard, has a Master’s Degree in English, and works as a barista with Ellie at Coppee. While she refuses to accept any of Ellie’s secondary income, Julie could never bare to see her friend publicly shamed (hence why she goes along with this ridiculous scheme). She’s known Ellie for far too long and considers herself Ellie’s respectable half.

Jim Andrews (50):

Jim’s a complex man. He loves his daughter and believes her to be extremely resourceful. However, he knows she could make much more of herself. While he loves his own African heritage as well as his daughter’s, he tends to make it a whole big thing. But not in an Anthony-Anderson-in-Blackish-all-in-your-face kind of way. At times, Jim wonders if he imbued too much confidence in Ellie (and if her confidence could be her demise). He’s certainly down-to-earth and knowledgable, but his daughter gets the best of him at times. He loves his wife dearly. Although, there might be something happening between him and Maxwell. Maybe.

Paula Andrews (48):

As Ellie would say, Paula can be quite a “hippy, judgmental shrew.” She travels a lot for work as a deep sea diving consultant? No, a wild life rescuer? No, a professional spelunker? Who knows. Ellie didn’t see much of her mother during her formative years, and, as a result, she distrusts Paula. Despite this, Paula fully supports her daughter’s “free spirit” and “thirst for adventure.”

Maxwell (27):

The Guy from Girls

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Maxwell works as Ellie’s assistant on her excursions doing God knows what.  He would probably consider himself one of her friends. He also writes a lot of poetry, which tends to get rather “explicit.” While no one is exactly sure how much he gets paid from Ellie (including Ellie herself), Maxwell uses these funds to conduct “experiments” on people. These usually include some poetry reading, some posing, and possibly some nudity. He’s hoping that Ellie and he don’t screw things up too much with Derramado Los Frijoles.

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Señor Francisco Goya, Sr.(70):


Francisco is the CEO of Derramado Los Frijoles, which makes him kind of a big deal. Then again, how he became CEO remains unclear. Well spoken but idiotic, Francisco has adored Eleanor since he first saw her a few years ago touring a frightened American couple around Mexico City. He has kind of stalked her ever since. Well, maybe stalked is too strong a word, but Eleanor does not share Francisco’s attractions. Nevertheless, he offered her this job and thinks she speaks perfect Spanish.

Alejandro (25):


Alejandro works as Francisco’s assistant. Intelligent, determined, and largely ignored, Alejandro hopes to someday influence how Derramado Los Frijoles operates. But for now, he plays second fiddle to Francisco, and he accepts that. Alejandro sees just how well Eleanor “speaks” Spanish. He also finds himself drawn to Maxwell. There’s definitely something going on there.